This Redeemed Life was founded in 2007 as Redeemed Girl Ministries by Marian Jordan Ellis. Her story of how Jesus rescued her from a life of emptiness echoes through all we do at TRL. Marian was an active Bible study teacher in her local church when she sensed the call to reach women who would normally never set foot in a church. Marian, a redeemed girl herself, is passionate that others experience the same life she discovered in Jesus Christ.

Since our founding, over 9,000 women have trusted Jesus at our evangelistic outreach events and thousands more discipled through our resources and small groups. Today, TRL has grown into a global network of women redeemed by the grace of Jesus. We know our work has just begun though, we are envisioning millions more across the globe who are transformed by God’s truth and live for the glory of His name!

Take a look at the video above to hear more about the vision of TRL from our Founder and President Marian Jordan Ellis.

Are you passionate about the same vision? Do you want to partner with us to reach women with the Truth of Jesus Christ? There are many ways you can be involved.

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