Mark Batterson, The Circle Maker

One of the most influential books that I had the privilege of reading in 2013 was Mark Batterson’s The Circle Maker. Our entire staff at Redeemed Girl read this book together to see the value in boldly coming before the Lord and asking Him to answer our God sized prayers…. Well, since praying circles around our biggest dreams we have seen the Lord move mountains on behalf of Redeemed Girl.

  • Opening doors on new college campuses to share the Gospel
  • Seeing thousands of girls accept Christ at Girls’ Night Out
  • Allowing us to literally take the truth of Jesus “to the ends of the earth” by the means of our free discipleship tool, the Redeemed Girl App
  • We saw God move in the hearts of over 120 young ladies who have participated in our annual discipleship retreat, the Redeemed Girl Institute
  • He provided office space for our ministry when relocating to a new city (That’s a story in and of its self…maybe for another blog post:)
  • We also saw Him meet a need before we knew it existed…. He started moving in the hearts of two women to move cross-country and join staff with RGM in August of this past year.

Quite honestly the list is much longer than this, and could probably rival any kid’s list to Santa.

To tell you the truth, we saw God move and answer these prayers, but I don’t think we will ever know the reach that those prayers answered for other women around the globe.

Here are a few testimonials to give you a glimpse…

“There’s no timing like God’s timing. I’m so glad I was at Girls’ Night Out to hear Marian’s message on God being our ultimate Love. I felt God speaking right to my heart.” –Andrea

“Hi, from Australia just want to say that I’m loving going through your books. I have really enjoyed finding all the truths that God has for me. I’m currently single and was ready to settle down with anyone regardless if they loved the Lord or not, but now I know that there is someone out there for me and to remember that God has His best plans for me and that it is worth waiting for. Thank you for all the books you’ve written and the App!” -Simone

“Redeemed Girl captivated my spirit at a time when I was starting to waiver in my faith. I had already gone through an emotionally, physically, and sexually abusive relationship and the Lord redeemed me. I just ended my newest “relationship” because I realized through your podcasts that although this one wasn’t “as bad” as the last- God still had something better planned for me.” –Jessica

“In my darkest of dark moments, as I was crying out to God in prayer, He guided me to literally happen-upon the RG website in a miraculous way. SOOO grateful! As Marian speaks the Word, I am moved to walk with God through these troubled times.” – Lisa

“I began listening to your podcasts. Cherished spoke truths to me that I’ve never heard before. I processed my sexual past with the Lord and acknowledged His forgiveness. For the first time, I was free from needing the approval of men; I was content in Jesus. I wanted every girl I knew to hear God’s vision for sexual purity. Jesus put it on my heart to see Girls’ Night Out come to IU and He made it happen! It was the best day of my life when all my friends and hundreds of other women got to hear about God’s truth!”  – Kelsey

Girls Night Out with Marian Jordan Ellis is a one of a kind evangelistic outreach event to share Jesus with college women. At these events we have incredible music followed by Marian sharing her story of emptiness and heartbreak in the “sex and the city” scene and the hope and healing found in Jesus. Over the past five years thousands of college women have trusted Christ as their savior at GNO.

You see, hundreds of women will enter an auditorium when coming to Girls’ Night Out and upon attending will hear the message of the Gospel – yet quite often we fail to grasp the legacy that’s been left behind. A woman who accepts Christ is forever changed. (Just read John 8)… A college girl who accepts Christ leaves this event with a new heart, a new mind, and hopefully a new mission. We pray she will be a girl in love with Jesus, who will live for His glory in her future workplace, who will touch lives of individuals that we may never meet. She may eventually become a wife, whose biblical worldview of marriage will bless her husband and future family. We pray she will be a light in the darkness!

One of the core beliefs of RGM is that Revelation Causes Transformation

We believe that when women are exposed to the truth of God’s word, there is a transformation that occurs from the inside out. This is the heart behind Girls’ Night Out. We want to expose the enemy’s lies and teach the truth of Jesus. We believe that if we are obedient to this calling, women will know the truth and be set free. (John 8:32) And simply because our mission is to expose the lies of the enemy we know there will be opposition. And that’s where you come in: our friends, supporters, and prayer partners. We need you to commit to praying circles around these events. We’re exactly one week away from our first Girls’ Night Out event of 2014. So, for seven days, we will post specific prayers that we need you to pray.

Mark Batterson said it best, “the greatest tragedy in life is the prayers that go unanswered because they go unasked.” We know that our prayers have the potential to change the course of history for thousands of young women. It’s time to start circling these campuses in prayer…will you join us?

Day 7: Pray for Christian students to bring their non-believing friends.

Day 6: Pray for travel; on time flights and travel safety for RGM team.

Day 5: Pray for Marian as she shares the transformative message of the Gospel.

Day 4: Pray for campus leaders and planners of GNO as they finalize details and follow-up with new believers.

Day 3: Pray for Redeemed Girl book clubs to be started after GNO… so new believers can grow in their relationship with Jesus and Christian community.

Day 2: Pray for a great awakening on college campuses across our nation.

Day 1: Pray that girls hearts will be soften to receive His love, forgiveness and mercy. That they’ll leave GNO believing in their hearts that Jesus is better!

As I begin these seven days of prayer along with you, I have adpoted the lyrics to one of my favorite Passion songs “Come to the Water” as my anthem of worship and prayer to the Lord. I invite you to read and listen …

We believe in the kingdom come
We believe in the risen Son
You bring our hearts to life
Lord we come with our hands up high
We believe You will satisfy
You bring our hearts to life
You bring our hearts to life
We are alive
We are alive

See people returning
The love of the father drawing us in
See salvation coming
Jesus our Savior, light of the world
Light of the world

Let revival come
Let the people sing
The glory of Your name
We’re praying today 

Rebecca Harper, Discipleship Director

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