Maybe you’ve seen your friends dating guys that you know are not God’s best for them.  Or maybe this has been your story.  “Stephanie” wrote to Redeemed Girl Ministries about how Sex and the Single Christian Girl brought light in the midst of a dark season.  Read further to hear her story of transformation.

I grew up in a wholesome Christian home and didn’t drink or even date. In college, I discovered alcohol and also began questioning my faith. I went a little too far with random guys here and there, but I kept thinking, “I’m not having sex…I wouldn’t do this if I wasn’t drinking…I’m in college, so it’s ok.” Then I left the U.S. to study abroad.

A tall, handsome, charming guy entered my life and we began dating. I was trying to be a “good girl” but I kept thinking, “It’s not a big deal.” We went too far but it was ok because we were “in love”. Eventually I returned home but continued to date long distance for six months. He came to visit me and my family didn’t know what to do. They knew he was staying with me and all that implied. One night about nine days into his stay, I got a call from my mom who asked me, “Is this really the guy you’ve prayed for?” 

And. My. Heart. Stopped.

I realized how far I’d fallen. Later that night, after we watched a movie and I had been in the throws of confusion, he looked at me, and with no prodding at all, said, “Can faith just be important to you and something I support you in?” And at that moment, I heard God speaking to my heart saying, “This relationship is over. I have such better things for you.” At 8am the next morning, I woke up my boyfriend and broke up with him. Then I used all my Christmas money and savings and bought him a plane ticket since I was cutting his trip 11 days short. He was gone by the end of the day.

Afterwards I didn’t know what to do. I was filled with doubt that God would ever forgive me, and if he did, how could I ever forgive myself? How could I ever find a “good, Christian guy” who would still want me after such a sinful past? I tried for the next ten months to pull myself together. I returned to church and finally grasped that Christ knew all about my sins and offered me the forgiveness I sought. I tried to find books that addressed my kind of past, but every book on purity was about REMAINING pure, not REGAINING purity and how to come to peace with your past.

So one year, to the day that I began this change, I happened upon Marian’s book, “Sex and the Single Christian Girl,” while looking for another bible study book. I looked inside, read a few stories, and knew IMMEDIATELY that I found what I was looking for. I found an author who discussed not only how to remain pure, but how to accept that Christ can grant me new purity, and I can live a life free of sexual sin and not be a “second-rate” Christian woman.

This book has truly changed my life. It has changed my view of myself and of God. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. God wants ME. He CHERISHES me. Even with my past of sin, He just wants ME.

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