In case you can’t tell, we’re passionate about Jesus and our identity as redeemed girls. If you are too, then let us share something exciting with you. We are thrilled to launch two new tees this month! Hands down, these are the most comfortable shirts you’ll ever own and will quickly become your “go-to” tee for everyday wear, working out at the gym, or lounging around on a Saturday afternoon. But more importantly, these shirts carry an even greater message. Check out the backstory of these new designs from Marian Jordan Ellis.

Jesus is Victorious!

Friends, this means “He’s Got This”…Whatever “this” may be in your life, we can trust and take heart that Jesus wins! I speak this truth to myself when life seems too much, when the demands feel too demanding, and when the darkness feels, well …too dark. This truth stops my fearful heart from going to the crazy place. This statement is more than a slogan, this is faith in the Victorious King Jesus fueling my ability to stand firm in the midst of life’s trials and temptations. Knowing that “He’s Got This” enables me to trust Him when I can’t see the next step, to believe Him when the Enemy speaks His lies, and to keep following Him even when I feel like I’ve blown it.

We at Redeemed Girl hold fast to the fact that “Jesus is Victorious” over our enemy, over our sin, over death, over all sickness and over every kingdom of this world. We offer this shirt as both an anthem to our faith and a proclamation of our hope.

Redeemed – Defined – Tee

Who are you? Are you defined by your past? Are you defined by the people around you? Or, are you like the billions of women who feel defined by their external beauty or imperfect performance? While basing our identity on our performance or people’s opinions is normal for most in the world, it also proves a prison.  A prison of insecurity, striving, and self-hatred. But I have good news!  There is another way, the Jesus way.

When we trust Jesus as our Redeemer, He not only forgives our past and breaks the chains of our sin, but He does more than that… Jesus gives us a new identity! He declares us free! Free from striving to prove we are worthy of love, free from finding our worth in the external, free from comparing ourselves to others and feeling like failures.

Only in Jesus do we know who we are because we know whose we are!

The word “redeemed” means to buy something back, to set it free and to restore it to its original intention. When the God of the Universe looks at you, He doesn’t see a mess, He doesn’t see your sin, He doesn’t see your imprecations, He sees the daughter He bought with the blood of His own Son and sees His beloved. That is who you are! You are loved, you are forgiven, you are cherished… because YOU ARE REDEEMED!

Our heart at Redeemed Girl is not to sell you a shirt but to help you believe that Jesus said that You, yes you, were worthy dying for. And the only One in the Universe who can define you is the One who created you and laid down His life to redeem you.

Friends, we think these will make the perfect gift for under the tree! Whether you’re shopping for a friend or yourself, these t-shirts will serve as a great remind of who Jesus is and what He accomplished for you.

All proceeds support the work of Redeemed Girl Ministries. We hope you’ll make a purchase today and help us take the same message of hope and redemption to women across the globe.

** For Christmas delivery please order prior to December 18th.

Photography by Ashley Monogue

T-shirt Designs by Justin Ellis

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