I sat on the beach in Destin, Flordia – awe struck by the hand of God. There I was, a former atheist, attending the Redeemed Girl Institute thousands of miles away from my home in Seattle, WA. Only God could have done this.

Months prior to RGI, Redeemed Girls Ministries started following me on Instagram. I looked at their profile, screamed with excitement, and immediately downloaded the Redeemed Girl App. As I listened to the sermon series, “Cherished: A Purity Worth Fighting For” tears flooded my eyes. God first got ahold of me by taking me out of a two-year relationship so He could have my whole heart. With a broken heart and shattered purity, I surrendered my life to Christ and fell head over heels, madly in love with the Lord. Ever since that time, God has been stirring in me a burning passion for purity and women. Marian Jordan’s sermon series ministered deeply to me as it exposed the lies of the enemy I once believed and who I allowed to determine my worth. I began listening to as many of the sermon series I could and fell in love with Redeemed Girl Ministries and their passion to see women live for the glory of God. As I found out about RGI through Instagram and Facebook, I sensed the Lord calling me to pack my bags and spend a week with Him. However, circumstances looked like it would be impossible for me to go. I signed up with faith, not having the finances to go but believing that God would make a way — and He did.

At the institute, I was floored by the young women who surrounded me as their testimonies of how Christ had redeemed their lives sounded just like mine. The teachers, speakers, and leaders were true examples of women who lived for God’s glory. They were radiant because they were women beholding His glory daily. The sessions at RGI were beyond amazing. It stirred up such hunger and passion inside of me to know the Lord more intimately and to dig into His Word more deeply. This was because Christ was so evident in the lives of the teachers and leaders. Their lives embodied what it was to be madly in love with Christ as mothers, daughters, and friends. We also learned that our love relationship with Jesus should be the motivator to leading others to Him.

But RGI came with much more than those truths! I made lifetime memories from experiencing Chick-fil-A and Whataburger for the very first time (AMAZING!), to swimming in the ocean, to late night talks with my beautiful condo group. The Redeemed Girl Institute is for every single girl, following Christ or struggling to do so. God will meet you like never before. He will grab hold of your heart. He will begin to equip you for all that He has planned for you. RGI is a place to dream, a place to fall in love with the only true love, and a place to flourish. Don’t miss out on one of the sweetest weeks of your life — there is nothing that compares to this!

-Billiemarie Klein (pictured top left)

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