Redeemed Girl Institute is a week long retreat for college women to study God’s word. Through a week of in-depth Bible teaching and powerful worship, RGI attendees experience a transformation that can only occur in His Presence.  

The goal of Redeemed Girl Institute is that a participant would learn to walk out God’s truth in her daily life. RGI draws women from across the country who long to encounter more of Jesus, who want to develop authentic friendships and who want to be equipped to serve Christ in their generation.

Here is a first hand account of a girl’s life that was transformed at Redeemed Girl Institute. 

During the year of 2013, I sensed God was setting me up for the opportunity to change my life forever. After attending a Christian conference at the University of Southern Mississippi in April, my classmate Jazmyne Butler informed me of her experience at RGI the previous summer. Excited about an opportunity to get closer to God in beautiful Destin, FL, the reality of life hit me. How would I possibly find the expenses for this trip? However, I made a promise to Jazmyne that if I could afford to go, somehow I would. The very next month I received more than enough funding to pay my expenses to RGI! It was literally a miracle. What an exhilarating feeling to know that I would be able to experience what God had in store for me.

At RGI, it was beautiful to learn how God turns our lives around no matter where we are in life. We also learned how valuable we are to Him and how our Heavenly Father can take us from the deepest pits and redeem our lives.  I learned the importance of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and received equipping on how to do so. It was also exciting to learn more about dating relationships and how to maintain purity for God’s glory. Learning more about how to make God the center of my relationships was perfect timing as I travel through my 20s!

A special moment for me at RGI included sharing my story with my roommates in our condo. That was a vulnerable moment as I shared with four other girls that I had never met. I learned how our story of God’s work in our lives is something that can lead to change in the lives of others, and it is something I can stand by as I travel with God on this spiritual journey.

Falling in love with Jesus was the best thing I have ever done. There’s no better feeling than falling in love, right? This is truly why I would recommend RGI to other girls. You will fall helplessly in love with Jesus Christ as you realize Who you belong to and why you’re so special. No matter what you’ve done or experienced, God wants to welcome you back with open arms as if you never left. Only God can fill the void for love that we all have and as a result we get to experience the sacrificial love Jesus Christ exudes for us each day. Redeemed Girl Institute is not just a “retreat,” it’s an experience.

Carla Whitehead

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