Experiencing Shalom: The Restoration Project

Some people dream of winning the lottery. Not this girl, I fantasize about a clear schedule, a clean house, and space to breathe. As a mom to one busy toddler and two teenage boys, and founder of Redeemed Girl … my life is very full.

Full isn’t a bad thing, it is just full-on, full-throttle, and full-of-adrenaline. Therefore, my fantasies don’t often revolve around material possessions or fabulous riches, but for simple things like a quiet morning to read in my favorite pajamas or an afternoon relaxing and talking to an old friend. These sound like real luxuries to me in this season of life.

With all the plates spinning and demands increasing, I sense God whispering to me…. Shalom.

Shalom is a Hebrew word that means peace, completeness, wholeness, fullness and rest. It is a state of being where we are centered and rooted in God and as a result, our body, mind, soul, and spirit thrive. This is the state Jesus described when He said, “Come to me all who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

Rest is not an occasional nap or ceasing of activities, it is shalom.

Jesus invites us to experience the wholeness and completeness that comes from true peace with God and true health to our souls. As Alexander McClaren once said, “Peace comes not from the absence of trouble, but from the presence of God.”

In this frenzy, hectic world in which we all live it is hard to experience “shalom.” But Jesus offers us rest.

Rest from brokenness.
Rest from shame.
Rest from fear.
Rest from performing for love.
Rest from striving for perfection.

“Our hearts are restless until they find rest in Thee.” –St. Augustine


I would like to invite you to experience shalom with me. Redeemed Girl is excited to announce The Restoration Project, a weekend retreat designed for women to experience true R&R, redemption, and restoration in Christ. This weekend is for you to enter into God’s Presence and allow Him to bring rest to your body, mind, soul, and spirit.

The Restoration Project is Friday/Saturday, February 22-23 at T Bar M Camp (between Austin and San Antonio, Texas.) This weekend retreat is all about experiencing the true rest that only God can provide when we lay our burdens down at His feet and allow Him to bring wholeness to our souls.

Joining me at The Restoration Project is one of my favorite worship leaders, Molley Moody, and some other incredible Bible teachers. In addition to our times of worship and teaching, we have built in intentional space for you to breath, to listen to God, and to be still in His Presence.

I’m praying many of you will join us for a weekend of “R&R” at The Restoration Project. All registration details can be found here. Space is limited. So sign up today!




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