This post is a lament. This post is also a plea. I don’t know about you, but I’m weary of reading the news and watching the melt-down in our nation and feeling helpless and hopeless. My weariness can’t begin to compare to the weight my black brothers and sisters have carried. While I can’t change centuries of injustice done to the black community or the hardness of hearts in those who don’t want to face it, I can begin in my small circle of influence with a posture of humility and repentance towards my brothers and sisters of color.

Repentance of Racism

I am sorry. I am sorry for the ways I’ve contributed, and for the myriad of ways my silence has not spoken up for you. At its core, racism grieves the heart of God and is an affront to the Gospel that longs to bring people of all races together as the family of God.

As a mom who is trying to raise a three-year-old to follow Biblical principles, I look at the brutality and injustices my friends of color have experienced and know this horror goes against the most basic of Christ’s teachings. Jesus summarized the Greatest Commandment into simple words, ones that even a child can understand, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” We call this the Golden Rule. While the words are simple, the damage done when we fail to adhere to this command is devastating. 

So, where do we begin if we want to change? How do we obey Jesus who calls us to love others? We start by educating ourselves and listening. As a community, I challenge those of us who are REDEEMED to listen to the pain and anguish that others have experienced. I challenge us to practice the Golden Rule. We can only truly love and bring reconciliation when we take time to listen, empathize, and address our need for repentance. For this reason, our Book of the Month on This Redeemed Life is LaTasha Morrison’s powerful book, Be the Bridge.

La Tasha Morrison, a leading advocate for racial reconciliation, offers a clarion call for Christians to move toward relationship and deeper understanding in the midst of a divisive culture. With racial tensions as high within the church as outside the church, it is time for Christians to become the leaders in the conversation on racial reconciliation. This power-packed guide helps readers deepen their understanding of historical factors and present realities, equipping them to participate in the ongoing dialogue and to serve as catalysts for righteousness, justice, healing, transformation, and reconciliation.

I’m currently listening to the audio version of the book, and I’m so glad. Hearing LaTasha share in her own voice the history of injustices done towards the black community has awakened fresh empathy and righteous anger in me. Friends, the Church must rise, and that begins with each one of us taking a stand. We must be the bridge.

This Redeemed Life is giving away two copies of Be the Bridge. Tag a friend who wants to be an agent of change in our Instagram Post, and we will choose one comment to receive Be the Bridge.