RELATES: A Redeemed Life relates to those around them with Christ’s love and compassion. (COLOSSIANS 3:12-14)


Overcoming Offenses in Friendship

God wired women for relationships. We genuinely value friendships and cultivate tight bonds. So much so, that we can be deeply wounded by our female friendships. These wounds could be intentional or unintentional, but if we are to radiate Christ in our relationships then we must learn how to respond in grace and truth when...
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Waiting for God’s Best

Since the day I began Redeemed Girl Ministries, the Lord has used my season of singleness and waiting for God’s best to minister to others. Jesus redeemed my single years, and I’m so thankful. He uses every season for His glory. I’ve had the joy of walking through the season of singleness with my friend...
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Tips for a Thriving Marriage in Testing Seasons

Most of us know a good marriage takes work, but especially so when life takes unplanned twists and turns. It is my joy to welcome my friend Morgan Morris to the Redeemed Girl blog today. She loves Jesus and as a new military wife she’s learn to thrive in the unexpected. –Marian     “I’m...
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How God Measures Success

In an age where we can easily compare our families, ministries, finances, callings, friendships, vacations, and physical beauty to others as we scroll through social media, it is easy to walk away feeling insignificant. The voice of defeat speaks failure over us when we compare our “feed” to someone else’s. It’s refreshing to know that...
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Single. Dating. Engaged. Married.

We are thrilled to welcome Ben Stuart to the Redeemed Girl blog today. We’ve been a huge fan since his Breakaway Ministry days, and we are now so excited to see God using him and his wife, Donna to launch Passion City Church in Washington, D.C. Donna Stuart is also a dear friend of Redeemed...
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You Are Cherished

Chick flicks capture the frenzy, and newsstands are littered with the evidence: Women are flat-out wedding crazy. The wedding industry is a billion-dollar business. Many women are obsessed with being a bride. So much so that there are now television shows, magazines, professional planners, stylists, designers, photographers, and personal wedding websites all clamoring to deliver...
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There is a war raging over sex. It’s hard not to notice the uproar occurring in the media today as women across the globe speak up and say, “Enough is enough!” Whether it is the sexual abuse of children, the horrific sex trafficking industry, or the myriads of unwanted sexual encounters reported, fractured souls are...
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Sometimes I really miss college. Those bliss-filled days of hanging out with friends and eating whatever in the world I wanted because I still had the metabolism of a teenager. Oh, college, the glory days when my stress amounted to worrying over which dress I’d wear to a sorority formal or whether or not I...
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Have you ever noticed how we are our own worst critics? We look in the mirror and calculate a mental list of perceived negatives. Today it is my joy to welcome to the Redeemed Girl blog our dear friend and talented writer, Lynn Cowell. Lynn addresses the insecurities we all feel and offers the source...
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