BECOMES: A Redeemed Life becomes more like Christ as they’re transformed into His image. (2 CORINTHIANS 3:18)


How the Shield of Faith Helps us Overcome Disappointment 

How the Shield of Faith Helps us Overcome Disappointment  News arrived that I’d been waiting on for months. But, unfortunately, the answer was not the one I had hoped to hear. To say that I was bitterly disappointed is an understatement. After long months of waiting for an answer, my dream was crushed. To hope...
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What is Spiritual Warfare?

One of my favorite movies from the 90s is The Usual Suspects. While I’m not a film critic, I would say it’s one of the best. This movie depicts a con artist who ruthlessly escapes capture through deception and lies. The final scene closes with this incredible line: “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled...
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Three Truths That Will Set You Free

As the mother of a five-year-old girl, I watched my fair share of princess movies during the pandemic. Hours trapped indoors made me quite thankful we live in a day when streaming channels are a reality. While I’m careful about my daughter’s screen time, there were several days when a good fairytale saved my sanity....
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How to Experience Freedom from Bitterness

Before leaving for a week-long girls’ getaway, I tidied up my desk, put away files, and scrubbed down all the surfaces of my office. There’s just something about coming back to a clean workspace that makes me oh-so-happy.   So, I was more than a little shocked when I returned to my desk after that vacation,...
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The War in the Wait

Rejoicing in God While Living with an Unmet Desire My phone beeped, and a text from a friend popped up on the screen. I didn’t need to read more than a few sentences to discern the pain and disappointment in her heart. She said, “Marian, I’m reaching out to you because I know you get...
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Is Guilt Conviction or Condemnation?

Is that guilt conviction of sin or condemnation of the enemy? I’d blown it. I said something that I couldn’t take back. As soon as I uttered the sentence, I regretted it. My words were unnecessary, not helpful, and certainly weren’t kind. My words failed the litmus test outlined in Ephesians for the kind of...
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Passport to Freedom

New Series: Passport to Freedom is now on YouTube Do you feel like you’re in bondage to shame, insecurity, anxiety, anger, or an addiction? Do you long to experience more of the abundant life? The good news is that Jesus came to set captives free! But what is this freedom, and how do we experience...
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Cultivating a Lifestyle of Prayer

Cultivating a Lifestyle of Prayer The familiar ring alerted me that a text message awaited me. Opening my phone, I read an update from a colleague. The news was good but required immediate prayer. Running out the back door, I searched for my husband. I wanted to share the information with him and ask that...
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Keys to the Spirit-Filled Life

How to Live the Spirit-filled Life! In case you missed it, Season 3 of This Redeemed Life is live and loaded with practical wisdom to equip you to live for God’s glory. In this season, Marian continues to teach verse by verse through Ephesians and tackles essential questions such as: How do we lay aside...
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