Millie Welsh
Well friends, the season of feasting has come upon us. Turkeys and dressing and pumpkin pies – oh my! We at Redeemed Girl love all things food so we couldn’t wait to gather around the table for our first annual Friendsgiving. Since we have such a tight-knit team, it was easy to celebrate with friends...
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Hi. My name is Millie, and I’m a friend-a-holic. I need friends. I’m confident that we all do. But like many things in life, some needs can become unhealthy and get out of whack if we don’t keep a close watch over the priority we give them. I confess that I have erred when it...
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I am not a fan of puzzles. Never have been. Sometimes I feel like living the spiritual life is like trying to put together a puzzle without the box top picture. Often in my spiritual walk I’ve had to simply let go of what I falsely think is control – and say, “Lord, you know...
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There’s a saying, “Some people get ulcers and some people give them!” Unfortunately, I fit the second part all too well while growing up. My poor family suffered through my first summer home from college. I loved my college friends and had built close relationships that I didn’t want to leave. I am pretty sure...
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Anne Of Green Gables is a delightful movie you should watch as soon as possible if you haven’t seen it! It’s a refreshingly sweet story of both friendship and romance. I learned what a “kindred spirit” was from this movie. My own definition of a kindred friendship is one that just happens – you can’t...
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My family plays the most intense game of “Hide-n-Seek” ever known to mankind. My youngest sister’s family lives on 14 acres of land in a white farmhouse with a red tin roof and wrap-around porch. It’s an awesome place to play and enjoy the outdoors. And we play everything intensely…think broken bones from tetherball. So...
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Why do people have bucket lists? Is it because a bucket list carries with it a sense of anticipation? Or accomplishment? Or just hope that something exciting lies ahead? I’ve never had a bucket list. I tend to live in the present — I don’t dwell on the past or freak out too much about...
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This is not an ordinary Friday night. It’s Friday night of the “love holiday”– Valentine’s Day. If you happen to be reading this on Valentine’s Day, maybe this Friday night IS actually ordinary for you since you’re home reading a blog post! It is for me. This night is no different than a normal Friday...
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