Like a rushing wind, Jesus breathe within, Lord have your way, Lord have your way in me,

Like a mighty storm, Stir within my soul, Lord have your way, Lord have your way in me.

I Surrender—Hillsong, 2012

When I first surrendered my life to Jesus in my early twenties, I knew one thing for certain: my life was not my own anymore.  I experienced the supernatural peace and joy that comes from surrender.  This is the natural outcome of God’s love and mercy. When we comprehend the grace available in Christ, we abandon our own agendas, in order to live for the supernatural agenda of the Almighty.  God’s heart beats to redeem and when Jesus breathes His life into our own, then we are moved to reach the least and the lost, just as He was.  We are entrusted with the mission to take the Good News of His mercy and grace to a broken world.

Early in my walk with Christ, He burdened my heart for women—across the globe—who do not know Him. Women who search for life, fulfillment and peace in all the empty and destructive places the world celebrates. As a young Christian woman, with a story of God’s redeeming grace in my own life, I had no idea how God would answer when I prayed, “Here I am Lord, send me.“ I stand amazed.  Over the past seven years, I’ve had the privilege of sharing the Gospel with women around the globe, but most significantly with non-believers on college campuses.  Since 2007, over 9,000 college women have trusted Jesus as Savior at one of our Girls’ Night Out evangelistic events.


  • There are 23 million college students in America, but only 6% of those claim to be born again.
  • Seven out of ten 18 to 30 year olds who went to church regularly in high school said they’d stopped attending by age 23.

Dr. Del Tacket (professor at Focus on the Family’s Focus Leadership Institute) listed seven ‘vulnerabilities’ he believes characterizes current college-bound students. These are:

• Deeply persuaded by relativism and tolerance

• Tilt heavily toward skepticism

• Highly sexualized by the media and gender confused

• A deep hunger for significance and highly swayed by peers

• Severe internal doubts about the most basic apologetic issues

• Increasingly biblically illiterate

• Compartmentalize their Christianity

• Unaware of most of the above

For this reason, Redeemed Girl continues to host evangelistic events on college campuses. This is a generation that Jesus loves and longs to redeem.  Please join us in prayer for these six outreach events that will take place this fall.

September 17—College of Charleston

September 23—East Central Oklahoma University

October 7—Texas State University

October 28—East Kentucky University

October 29—Western Kentucky University

November 5—New York University

Our prayer is for an awakening to sweep the nation as women experience the grace and love found only in Jesus Christ.

Pray for…

  • Travel mercies and safety for the Redeemed Girl team.
  • The outpouring of the Holy Spirit at each event.
  • For God to go before us and prepare each heart to hear the Gospel.
  • For women to respond to the Gospel and trust Christ as Savior.
  • For the teams who will follow up and disciple these women.

Thank you for joining us in prayer over these events. We know prayer moves mountains and you can join us on the mission field with your prayers!

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