Portraits: Eve, Women of the Bible

Have you ever thought, “It’s not supposed to be this way!” Our world is filled with heartbreak, destruction, disease, hatred, and loneliness–but this isn’t how God created the world. This Fall, Redeemed Girl Ministries kicks off a new teaching series called Portraits: Women of the Bible. We start our series at the very beginning with Eve, who had everything her heart desired until sin shattered the perfect world in which she dwelled. Eve’s life was forever fractured and she tasted of insecurity, shame, fear, and broken relationships.  This month, we look at a snapshot of Eve and we discover the origins of our messed up world, but we also learn about the greatness of our God through her story.

We pray Portraits: Women of the Bible ministers to you. God reveals His beautiful redemption story through the real lives of real women who are struggling with infertility, cheating husbands,  unmet desires, and so much more. If you are new to scripture, or if you are a Bible scholar, we pray that this series will bring the Bible together as one big, complete story.


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