“Sex and the City,” an original HBO network series (1998-2004) now seen in reruns by more people than during its first run, glorifies the lifestyles of four stylish New York women who hang out in bars and talk bluntly about their ever expanding range of sexual experiences.

The acclaim and awards lavished upon the show would imply it holds some redeeming value. However, despite claims that “Sex and the City” is ultimately about the longing for a committed relationship, the glamorization of casual sex and always looking fabulous can take a toll on impressionable young women. Just ask Marian Jordan.

In her first book, Sex and the City Uncovered, she writes, “A painful existence of ‘looking for love in all the wrong places’ is hidden behind images of couture fashion, witty dialogue, and beautiful people. I know this to be true because I’ve lived it.” A former party girl with her own personal stories of hookups, hangovers, and heartbreaks, Marian now speaksto women nationwide about the unfailing love that she has found in Jesus. Her book will help struggling women everywhere fill their hearts with this same joy.

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