Welcome To The Table

Dear Friends,

For those of you who’ve been with us for many years, you may have noticed some changes going on at Redeemed Girl. Well, thanks for noticing! Yes, with the new decade, we’ve made some big changes around here and can’t wait to share them with you! From announcing our new name (This Redeemed Life) to launching a video blog by the same name, we are thrilled to offer tools to equip women across the globe to fall more in love with Jesus and live for His glory.

This Redeemed Life is a weekly chat with Bible teacher Marian Jordan Ellis about what it looks like to follow Jesus in the real world. In episode 1, Marian and I  explore the core values of this ministry and give a sneak peak at what’s in store in future episodes. Marian will also explain her vision behind the name change and what that means for the future.

Take a few minutes today to tune into Episode 1: Welcome to the Table. We are here to serve you and center our conversations around topics that will encourage and grow your faith in Jesus, so we’d love you feedback. Please post your comments and subscribe to the channel.

You’re Welcome to the Table!

Lauren Walls, Executive Director of This Redeemed Life 


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