Love at First Bite: Mango Avocado Salsa

Y’all, Summer is officially here, which means it’s high time to put away my pressure cooker and welcome in the season’s fresh fruits and veggies. One of my favorite summer dishes is Mango Avocado Salsa! Whether served plain with tortilla chips or piled high on tacos, this salsa is simply perfection. Cilantro, mangoes, black beans, and avocadoes join forces to create one big flavor party! Just add a few squeezes of lime, and you are good to go!

I’ve whipped up this salsa every summer for over 15 years now. My friend Keri introduced me to it when we were on a girls’ trip, and it was LOVE.AT.FIRST.BITE! Therefore, when she and her family stopped by for a quick visit while driving through Texas last week, I knew I had to serve our favorite summer salsa.

Keri and I were friends back in the day when we were both single and living in Houston, Texas. We both walked through a season of waiting on God for marriage and prayed for Jesus to bring us His highest and best. We can both testify that God’s best is worth waiting for! Then we both entered another season of waiting on God for children. As you can see in these photos, Jesus answered our prayers!

Anytime we get together, it feels like a celebration of God’s goodness. Thankfully, my local grocery store had in stock the sweetest mangoes for this recipe, and I could greet my friend at the door with this delicious dish!

Since I’m not a professional cook nor food blogger, I’ll leave it to the experts to give you step-by-step instructions. I’ll stick to teaching the Bible and telling people how great Jesus is. But if you’d like to make this yourself, here’s a great recipe with a video tutorial, just in case you’ve never carved up a mango!

Watch the Recipe Here. 

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