Announcing the TRL Podcast


We have big news! After much prayer and seeking the Lord over the past few months, we launched a new podcast—This Redeemed Life with Marian Jordan Ellis. Our vision for this podcast is to take women verse by verse through God’s Word as we answer your questions about living the redeemed life. While the podcast space is pretty crowded, we believe we are called to be a source of encouragement and empowerment as you seek to live for God’s glory in your daily life. 

What can you expect from This Redeemed Life?

  •  One new episode per week.
  • Diving into scripture verse by verse as I bring to life the historical context, deeper meaning, and real-life application from the text.
  • Guidance on overcoming your past and keys to victory from someone who’s been in the trenches with Jesus.
  • A community of women engaged together in living for God’s glory.

We hope the podcast is like sitting with me at my breakfast table as we open God’s Word together. So, grab a cup of coffee and join us today! 

1. Subscribe to This Redeemed Life with Marian Jordan Ellis wherever you listen to podcasts today.




2. Leave us a comment letting us know you are listening. 

3. Follow us on Instagram @thisredeemedlife and share any questions you’d like us to address on the show. 

It’s our joy to serve you and walk the redeemed life with you.

For His Glory,


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