Why the Resurrection Matters

In an Age of Deconstruction, It is Vital We Know the Truth of the Resurrection

Perhaps the most common word spoken to me each day is “why.” My kids have never taken my word for anything or let things go because I gave them an answer. Following almost every statement I make or explanation I provide is the question, “Why, mom?”

We are raising a generation of skeptics. And it goes back a few generations before. We have been taught to question everything and not take anyone at his or her word.

And even though I often get annoyed and respond with, “Because I said so,” I actually think it’s a great thing. I want my kids to be inquisitive, seek understanding, and ask, “why?”. I don’t want them to be blind followers or just take someone’s word for it. 

They took my word for a long time regarding issues of faith and the Bible. But in this age of deconstruction, as Bible-believing followers of Jesus Christ, we must know that the principles we hold dear concerning Jesus, His life, His death, and most importantly, His resurrection are true and valid. A generation asks us, “Why should I believe what you believe?”

Into this space, This Redeemed Life wants to speak truth into the void. Our new teaching series, Promises, looks at the promises of God in Scripture and WHY we should anchor our souls to these truths. Our latest teaching, The Promise of the Resurrection, is perfect for those asking: Did the Resurrection truly happen? Why does it matter? And how can I know it is true?

Tune into This Redeemed Life on YouTube to watch this new teaching. We believe it will encourage your faith in Jesus and His resurrection, equip you to answer questions from your non-Christian friends and provide key evidence to the validity of God’s promises. 

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