Sharie King
I recently learned that loneliness is an epidemic in American culture. While we are vastly more connected via social media, we are extremely disconnected at the soul level. God wired us for relationships and community and when we miss this integral piece the void is deep. I’m so grateful for my friend Sharie King and...
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This week on the Redeemed Girl blog our dear friend, Sharie King opens up about a subject near and dear to our hearts: loving Jesus more. As a new believer, the prayer that changed my life and radically rocked my world was when I asked God to give me a heart to love Him more...
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My day started at 4:15 with a hotel wake-up call which said, “Good morning, this is your wake up call. You can either roll out of bed and join us for breakfast or turn over and go back to sleep. But, this is the wake-up call you requested.” Weirdest wake up call ever! Why would...
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When we ask someone for a favor, we are asking them to grant us something we want or need, to show consideration or make an exception for us in some way. I don’t know about you, but I find myself asking God for favors all the time. When I’m late; “Please Jesus, green lights all...
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Persecution of Christians is on the rise across the globe. Most of us watch it occur from the other side of screen and shake our heads in wonder at the senseless hurt endured by our brothers and sisters in Christ. But Scripture tells that we are a body, and what happens to one part of us, happens to...
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Humans are wired to fight for position.  I think the reason why so many of us are drawn to certain things is because we internally want other people to notice us in the same way that we notice others.  I naturally notice successful people and winning teams.  My attention is drawn to loud noises, shiny...
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