Marian Jordan Ellis
I’ve heard it said that the trail of every life leads to a throne.  This old adage means we can examine our lives and see how we spend our time, what consumes our thoughts, what drives our emotions and where we spend our money to discover who or what we worship. For many of us...
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I awakened this morning with this prayer on my lips: Jesus, please teach me how to love my friend as you love her.  I fell asleep the night before praying for this friend and a struggle I see in her life.  I see a destructive pattern that does not honor God, so I’m wrestling with what I...
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Grab a cup of coffee and sit down with Marian as she walks through what her daily time with the Lord looks like and she shares a few of her favorite bible resources! Daily Devotionals: My Utmost for His Highest | Oswald Chambers The Supplied Light | Bill Freeman Daily Light Journal One Year Bibles: The One...
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I’ve often said, “Food is a love language.” And if there is one food group that speaks to my heart it is chips and salsa.  I consider myself a connoisseur of salsa. As a native Texan I love all different kinds.  Chunky. Spicy, Zesty… and everything in between. The following recipe is a family favorite. ...
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The voice starts whispering to me as soon as my feet hit the floor and grows to a thunder as I near my closet door. “You can’t wear half of the things in here anymore.”  “All of your clothes are too tight.” “What woman has three different sizes of clothing, hoping that one day she...
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This weekend marks the celebration of Father’s Day. For many women, this is a time to honor the man who played the most significant role in her formation as a woman. The fortunate ones can point to a dad who faithfully loved his family and sacrificed to do so. These dads should be honored and...
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Here’s a little fact about yours truly: I’m quite the globetrotter. I’m a girl with a passport on standby at all times just in case an exciting adventure should present itself. One of my favorite things about a new travel experience is researching a region, a country or a city before stepping foot on the...
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Can you believe Easter Sunday is this weekend? I honestly thought winter would drag on FOREVER! Seriously, I wanted to call Winter a cab and send her home. (She was just starting to embarrass herself.) But I digress. Spring is here! Set your toes free from the prison of closed toe shoes and let your...
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I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked a question such as this one. Whether it is a girl I’ve met at a Redeemed Girl event or a Facebook message posted in the wee hours of the morning, so many women today are struggling with the issue of calling. Here’s the truth: Our...
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