Y’all, we are just two weeks’ shy of Thanksgiving, and I’m having to stop myself from decorating my house for Christmas. The urge to drink cocoa, wear flannel PJs, and watch Hallmark movies around the clock is such a real thing. As much as I love all things Thanksgiving, I am itching to get things merry and bright.

As a rule, I typically don’t decorate for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving. I want to enjoy one holiday at a time and experience all things pumpkin, spice, and everything nice. That being said, once the clock strikes Black Friday, IT …IS… ON!

The Ellis family likes to kick off the Christmas season with a big outing to find our tree. Once we’ve successfully chosen the perfect shape, smell, and size, we return home to decorate our Noble Fir while watching the BEST CHRISTMAS MOVIE OF ALL TIME—Elf.

[P.S. Here’s something that will make you feel really old. Elf turns 15 years old this year.]

As someone who was nearly six feet tall by the time I was in middle school, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Buddy the Elf. While my family has pretty much the entire movie memorized, there is still one scene that we quote incessantly.

Picture this scene: Buddy is working in Toy Land at the local department store. He’s pumped to recreate the North Pole in the middle of New York City when his boss informs the store employees that Santa arrives the next day.

Buddy is undone with excitement.

Buddy can’t hold back his joy.

Buddy is bursting at the seams with glee!


Cue the most quotable line from the entire movie … Buddy screams, “Santa, I KNOW HIM!”

In Buddy’s mind, Santa is not a legend or a mere fairytale, he’s been both a friend and father to him. Therefore, he can say with confidence, “I … Know … Him!”

This month Redeemed Girl is featuring a Bible study called The Beautiful Name, in which we dive into God’s names revealed in scripture. The purpose of this study is not to merely fill our minds with cool theological words; instead the intent is that we would truly know God.

Our God is relational. One of the primary ways He invites us to know Him is by revealing His names to us. Jesus calls us into a relationship where we know God as our Father, Healer, Friend, Provider, and Defender.  As we walk with Jesus year after year, we too can say with confidence, “I know Him!”

I’d love to invite you to know God more deeply with us as we continue our study, The Beautiful Name.The latest teaching, The Great I Amis now available on the Redeemed Girl App or YouTube Channel.

I hope this Bible study is a blessing to you.  I’ll post pictures of our Christmas tree expedition on Instagram on Black Friday, so let me know what you think of the one we choose.

Happy Thanksgiving,






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