I Cried Out to the Lord and He Delivered Me!

Knowing The Lord God as Your Deliverer in Times of Trouble

I’ll never forget the day I gave birth to my daughter. For one thing, it was election day. I went to perform my civic duty, and while casting my ballot, my OBGYN called and said she wanted to induce my labor. Although my due date was still a week away, the ultrasound had shown that my daughter was going to be one BIG girl. So … after nine months of anticipation, it was go time!

I was thrilled. I called my husband to share the news and raced home to pack my hospital bag. Giddy with excitement and nervous as to what lay ahead, we were at the hospital in a matter of hours. I requested a nutritious meal of Cheetos and Root Beer before my “no food after midnight” deadline. Yep, the healthy momma award clearly goes to this girl!

I slept the night in the hospital, and the nurse told me the plan was to induce labor the next morning. The funny thing is that I actually started labor the old fashioned way during the night before they begin any procedures. My contractions kicked in early AM, and by mid-morning, they were intense and came rapidly.

{{Disclaimer: I have a lot of girlfriends who opted for a “natural delivery.” I adore these women. I look up to these women. Friends, I am NOT one of these women. From day one, I knew I wanted an epidural. Actually, I knew two things: I wanted a healthy baby and an epidural. No judgment for those who chose the other route, I am a wimp. I do not deny this.}}

All that to say …when my contractions started with a vengeance, I was greatly perplexed.
Where was the long scary needle that was promised to take away my pain?
Where in the world was my epidural?

When the contractions struck again, I hit the floor in pain and looked up at my nurse and asked her, “When are they going to bring me the drugs?” She looked at me, smiled and said, “Oh, sweetheart, you gotta ask for an epidural.”

Why in the world didn’t someone tell me this before? The countless blogs and books I read did not prepare me. No one told me I needed to ask. I just assume they would bring me the wonder drug!

In a split second, I cried out. I told my amazing nurse in no uncertain terms that I was absolutely ready for the greatest invention of all time! Give me an epidural!

Within minutes a different nurse walked in with a big smile and an even bigger needle. I was never happier to see anyone in my life. I told her like 10 times she was my new best friend. Within no time I was in a very happy place.

Sisters, all I had to do was ask!

This experience reminds me so much of my relationship with God. Sometimes I’ll be struggling with something in my life: fear, anxiety, lack of direction, an unmet desire, or a specific need. And so often I will sit and stew in that struggle …or I will call a friend to talk at length about the struggle… or I will complain about the specific struggle to my husband. Instead of actually calling upon God in the midst of my struggle.

Throughout scripture, God is revealed as our Deliverer. The Hebrew name is Jehovah Mephalte. Meaning, the one who rescues us, saves us and snatches us out of danger. In Psalm 34, King David praises God and shares the benefits of knowing God as Deliverer.

I sought the Lord, and he answered me;
    he delivered me from all my fears.
Psalm 34:4

Sisters, this is a Kingdom Principle. God hears us when we call upon Him. But … we must call upon Him!

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