“Here’s my heart, Lord.” These words are more than just lyrics to a popular worship song, these words are a response to an invitation. The invitation is from Jesus who beckons us to come and experience abundant life in Him.  But there’s a catch, we can’t experience all that God has for us unless we first give Him our heart.

Just a few weeks ago, women from across the nation descended upon the beautiful beaches of Pensacola, Florida for Redeemed Girl Institute 2018 (RGI). Throughout the months preceding RGI, I issued a challenge: “What if you gave Jesus four days… to speak, to heal, to breath fresh purpose, to transform your character, or to restore your hope?” Over 100 women accepted this challenge and chose to set aside time to lean into Jesus through worship and the teaching of the Word.

These women came to Redeemed Girl Institute with a hunger to know God more and to experience a fresh touch of His Spirit. One of the most beautiful things about RGI is that we are an intimate gathering. Unlike conferences filled with thousands of women, here we are seen, known, and can easily engage with others who desire more of Jesus. RGI is a gathering of women anchored in truth and love.

On opening night, I shared the vision for the week found in 2 Chronicles 16:9:

The eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth so that
He may support those whose heart is completely His.

This verse reveals something incredibly powerful. It gives us a glimpse of what motivates the Lord. It shows us God, searching across the landscape of humanity to find the ones whose hearts are fully devoted and surrendered to Him …for He promises to strongly support the heart that is “completely His.”

As we read through the New Testament, what we discover, more than anything else, is that Jesus desires our heart. Yet, all too often our hearts have been broken, wounded, or rejected and we hide them from God and others. My earnest prayer leading up to RGI was that our attendees would experience healing, cleansing, and restoration from the One who knows them most intimately and who loves them most deeply. As our hearts are healed, made whole, set free, and given life, we become women who experience and know Jesus at a deeper level.

God used Institute to reveal some painful wounds from childhood that I didn’t know were holding me captive…I’m so excited to start walking in freedom.–Attendee, age 34

Redeemed Girl Institute offers an incredible space to freely worship Jesus. We place such a high priority on worship because we know that there is supernatural healing that occurs in a woman’s soul when she exalts God to His rightful place. One of our chief beliefs at Redeemed Girl is “Worship wins the war!” We’ve witnessed countless times the freedom that occurs when a woman presses through the battle surrounding her with the weapon of praise.

Chains Fall…
Fears Bow…
Lives Heal …
Why? Because Jesus Wins!

At Redeemed Girl I learned how to truly trust and believe in the Lord. I found freedom at the foot of the cross from my childhood of sexual abuse and violation. I learned that these things don’t define who I am-but my God defines me. –Attendee, Age 26

We were incredibly blessed this summer to have some powerful Bible teachers open God’s Word and teach us. Jackie Hill Perry shared her personal testimony and brought the house down with her teaching on Spiritual Warfare. I loved teaching women about their identity in Christ and how to tear down spiritual strongholds. It’s incredible to see women take hold of these truths and walk in freedom.

Tonya Riggle was used mightily by God when she taught women how to forgive those who’ve hurt them. One of the sweetest moments was stopping our session to allow women to practice what we learned in this session. Women forgave fathers, mothers, ex-husbands, abusers, and friends.

I realized after 10 years that I needed to forgive my father for his suicide. I did not even know I was mad at him.
–Attendee, Age 28

We wrapped up the week with a powerful teaching by Leigh Kohler called a Redeemed Girl is a World Changer. We believe each woman is uniquely gifted and called to serve Jesus in her generation and Leigh shared a powerful vision of giving our lives fully to the Kingdom of God.

By far one of my favorite moments at Redeemed Girl Institute is watching women enter the waters of baptism. Some enter for the very first time and others after walking away from God for a season. This sacred moment symbolizes their decision to identify with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Christ’s identity has become their own and by entering into baptism, they are stating to the world: “I belong to Jesus!”

Perhaps you’re reading this and you feel God tugging on your heart. Maybe you sense a call to come away and meet with Jesus? We would love for you to join us next year for Redeemed Girl Institute 2019. Be sure to follow us on social media, we will announce next year’s Institute date soon and would love for you to come away with us.

Here’s my heart, Lord.








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