Kitty Hurdle
We live in a world fascinated with followers, likes, and platform. In this age where many women are striving to build a brand, it is easy for a Redeemed Girl to lose her focus on what is truly valuable in God’s eyes and what matters for eternity. My friend Kitty Hurdle has served with Cru...
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Many of us know all too well how the hustle and bustle of the holiday season can rob us of the very thing it is intended to celebrate. I mean, of course, the craziness of this time of year can deplete us spiritually and leave us missing our intentional time with God. It is my...
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Do you remember the (potentially traumatic) day you had to transition from elementary school to middle school? It sends chills down my spine just thinking about it. Gone were the days of read–alouds and recess. (Weren’t those the best?!) Now you’re on your own trying to navigate the combination lock on your very first locker...
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I remember lying on my bed staring up at the ornately detailed ceiling in our apartment in Italy. We had just gotten home from a beautiful Sunday afternoon walk around an Italian park, the children were napping and from all accounts, I was living the dream. The trouble was, I felt unbelievably discontent. Our family had...
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You know that feeling when you’re SURE that everyone else in the world has a significant other they are texting, a “plus one” to the wedding and a bestie for the restie? That achy lonely feeling of not being sure anyone really sees you? I remember starting my first big girl job in a city...
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Our guest contributor today is a woman I am blessed to call my dear friend and ministry partner. Kitty Hurdle serves on the board of RGM, but spends her days loving college women on the campus of The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). She and her husband, Joel, are campus leaders with CRU (formerly Campus Crusade...
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